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My name is Kavi and I’m a Student Ambassador. I am happy to be able to share my invention experience and advice for the key steps about the invention process. My experience with the “2018 Spark Lab Invent It Challenge” really inspired me to keep moving on to invent the future. The 7 steps for the invention process helped shape my point of view for inventing and I want to share my excitement with you, so you can also learn how amazing your ideas are. I looked at inventing from a new angle and perspective that encouraged me to keep inventing and tinker.

The 7 steps of the invention process are Think It, Explore It, Sketch It, Create It, Try it, Tweak It, and Sell It. Think It is my 2nd favorite beside Create It and Tweak It. In this step you will find a problem in your daily life. Then you research your problem and “Define the Scope”. I like to look for websites that are reputable such a USDA Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Google Scholar, The World Health Organization, etc. This step also is the time where you get to “visualize” your idea.

If you enjoy researching similar invention Explore It your kind of step. Try to look for inventions that are similar to your Idea. You can use Google Patents to search for if patents are already out there. If you still do not have your invention vision. Try this step after Create It. If you can get in contact with the creator of the invention, that would be amazing and pretty useful for your invention.

What I like about Sketch It it’s the fun of art and inventing like an “blueprint”. If you have ever made a blueprint that is my idea of sketch it. A model sketch of your invention. I kept adding on to my invention sketch during and even after the competition was in session.

Create It is everyone’s favorite step from what I heard. Time to hit the workshop and test your Idea. Remember, this invention could just be a model not a working invention. So, take your supplies such as wood, nails and PVC pipes and get working.

Now it is time to test your unique idea in the step Try It. If your idea is a model, try explaining it in detail like a video demo of how it might operate. If it does work, demonstrate it in an appropriate environment for your invention to work.

Tweak It is my favorite. Here, you get to talk to experts and inventors about your invention. Once you have tried “tweaking your invention” or make changes. So, if you think you are done with inventing, there are still changes to be made.

Sell It is when you talk to people and make a sales pitch for your invention. Make sure to include all the records of what your customers said like the price they are willing to pay for your invention and if they were to buy it.



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  1. A wonderful project made with lots of dedication and hard work that got unnoticed. Better Luck Next time….. Keep going.

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