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Welcome, Young Inventors!

Everyone can invent and the Dr. InBae Yoon Spark!Lab Invention Challenge is a fun way to learn the invention process by actually creating something new that matters to the world, either by yourself or with a team of friends!

Whether this is your first time inventing or your 100th, this Challenge is for you.

Use the site to learn about the invention process from experts at Smithsonian and share your creativity with the world by creating an invention that enhances the daily lives and activities of older adults.

Simply follow the steps below to create your invention and submit your entry by April 5, 2019.  

You could win amazing prizes and change the world!

Step 1:

Learn about the Challenge

Step 2:

Learn the Invention Process

Use the step-by-step video lessons to learn about the 7 steps of the Invention Process!

Invention Process


Step 1: Think It

Step 2: Explore It

Step 3: Sketch It

Step 4: Create It

Step 5: Try It

Step 6: Tweak It

Step 7: Sell It

Step 3:

Download Resources and Start Inventing!

Use the Student Guide learn more about the Challenge, the 7-Step Invention Process, and how to submit your entry!

Review the Submission Template for 2019.  Whether you end up submitting a PowerPoint or Video, the Submission Template will guide you through documenting how you use the 7-Step Invention Process to develop your invention idea!

Step 4:

Learn from Past Winners


Step 5:

Communicate with Experts and Other Inventors

Inventing is a social process. Take advantage the opportunity to learn from and with others, by hopping over to the Community Page where you can access blogs written by Smithsonian experts as well as chat directly with other student inventors as well as winners from previous years!

Step 6:

Submit Your Entry

When you’ve completed all 7 steps and you’ve used the Submission Checklist to make sure you’re ready, it’s time to submit!

Complete the Parent Permission Form and Submit Your Entry!


Student Resources

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