Go the Distance! Enter both the Invent It Challenge and National Invention Convention!

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Did you know that you can easily enter both the Invent It Challenge and National Invention Convention, two world-class STEM-based competitions for students in grades K-12? You’ve already put all the work in to succeed in one of the challenges, so why not make a few small adjustments and enter both?

By entering both the Invent It Challenge and National Invention Convention, you’ll:

  • get access to additional resources to learn about the invention process.
  • improve your invention and your chances of being recognized in both competitions.
  • get to showcase your invention to a larger audience in first-rate national and global competitions.
  • position yourself to earn recognition from two world-class organizations (Smithsonian and The Henry Ford Museum).
  • win even more amazing prizes, including a trip to Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and awards from The Henry Ford Museum in Michigan recognizing your talents as an inventor.

How are the competitions similar? Both competitions:

  • require you to follow a 7-Step Invention Process.
  • document your progress through the invention process.
  • create a prototype.
  • create a visual presentation.
  • create a pitch conveying the value and impact of your invention.

What’s different about the competitions?

  • Both competitions follow a similar 7-Step Invention Process, but there are small differences. When documenting your progress through each of the steps for the other challenge, you’ll need to carefully identify the steps for the National Invention Convention or Invent It Challenge where you’ll need to document your information.
  • While the Invent It Challenge requires that entrants submit only a PowerPoint or video documenting their progress through Smithsonian’s 7-Step Invention Process, the National Invention Convention requires that this documentation be placed into an Inventor Log Book.
  • While the Invent It Challenge requires entrants to create a pitch for their invention in the “Sell It” step, you are not required to make your pitch a video pitch. However, for the National Invention Convention, you’ll need to create a video pitch that is four minutes or less. See the National Invention Convention website for more details about the requirements of this video pitch.
  • The National Invention Convention also requires entrants to create a Display Board in addition to the Invention Log Book and Video Pitch. The Display Board shows what you invented, how you built it, how it works, and who it helps along with other required information.

Here’s a Student Guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to convert your materials for one competition so you can enter the other. It also includes a comparison of both 7-Step processes.

Who can enter both competitions?

  • If you are an Invention Convention participant ages 5-18 and your invention could possibly help an older adult – even if that is not your invention’s primary purpose – you can enter the Invent It Challenge.
  • If you are an Invent It Challenge participant and are chosen as a winner in one of the four Individual or Team age categories (5-7, 8-10, 11-13, or 14-18), you automatically become eligible to register for the National Invention Convention. As one of your prizes, your registration fee to the National Invention Convention will be waived. (You will qualify through National Invention Convention’s Independent Inventor Program).

Just think. You’ve already put in all the work to enter one world-class competition. Why not take your invention just a little further and enter both competitions? You deserve to have your efforts recognized and to have an opportunity to showcase your invention to the entire world! Go for it!

We’re also here to help you if you decide to enter both competitions. If you ever have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us at invent@cricketmedia.com to speak with one of our invention and education experts!

Happy Inventing!
The Cricket Media Education Team

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  1. A wonderful project made with lots of dedication and hard work that got unnoticed. Better Luck Next time….. Keep going.

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