Meet 3 Amazing Kid Inventors!

Student Speak

What do Matias, Alexis and Azzie all have in common?

a. They are all young inventors.

b. They are all past winners of the Invent It Challenge

c. They all followed the 7-step invention process

If you answered “all of them,” you’re correct! These kids (each from a different continent) all took problems they saw in the world around them and created solutions to those problems! Wondering what they invented? Read the articles to hear from them and learn about their inventions and how they used the invention process to successfully transform an idea into something real.

Click on any article image above to read the full article.

Got questions for other kid inventors? Leave them here and past winners will answer your questions!

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  1. A wonderful project made with lots of dedication and hard work that got unnoticed. Better Luck Next time….. Keep going.

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